Kitchen Remodeling in Palm City

Three Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen for Less in Palm City

When it comes to having a beautiful Palm City home, few things make as significant an impact as striking kitchen design.

After all, the kitchen is often the ‘centerpiece’ room of a home; a space where families come together over treasured recipes and create cherished memories for years to come.

It’s the room in the house where you entertain guests for special occasions, and it’s the ‘meeting place’ where the kids do their homework, and you take some time to relax after a long day.

When you put all those scenarios together, it’s no wonder that most Palm City residents want to have a kitchen design that’s functional and gorgeous.

But if it’s true that the kitchen is the most striking in the average home, it’s also true that kitchen remodeling will have the most striking effect on a homeowner’s wallet.

The average kitchen remodel spans several weeks and runs Palm City homeowners as much as $25,000. That money goes a long way to increase your enjoyment of the space, but it’s also a pretty significant figure to finance.

So how can Palm City residents get the kitchen renovation of their dreams without it costing an arm and a leg? As the area’s top kitchen remodelers, all of us at Bobby And Brothers Handyman Service, LLC put our heads together to come up with this list of money-saving tips for kitchen renovations on a budget:

Tip One: Skip New Cabinets and Refinish Instead

As some of the most high-traffic components in the average kitchen remodel, it’s no wonder that most homeowners plan to sink a large chunk of cash into their kitchen cabinets. But because of this high volume of use—think about how many times you slam your kitchen cabinets open and shut per day—those delicately engraved rosewood panels you had installed are not long for this world.

Choose a cheaper material and install facades to have a luxurious look at an affordable price. Refurbish your existing kitchen cabinets and save thousands. Find vintage cabinets and renew them for a quirky look. Save that money for where it matters—your countertops!

Tip Two: Redo the Flooring Another Day

Many homeowners try to remodel their kitchen floors and their kitchen at the same time in an attempt to minimize disruption to their lives. But most remodeling contractors aren’t prepared to install hardwood floors as well as a flooring contractor would be.

Why not wait until all the floors in your house need replacing and focus on what matters for your new kitchen design?

Tip Three: Partner With Bobby And Brothers Handyman Service, LLC

As Palm City’s most experienced renovation and remodeling contractors, Bobby And Brothers Handyman Service, LLC has everything you need to make your next kitchen remodeling a total success. We guarantee client satisfaction and go the extra mile to make sure your renovation stays on track—and on budget.

For more affordable kitchen remodeling ideas, take a look at our past portfolio. Alternatively, call us to schedule a consultation on how we can make your kitchen look more beautiful than ever before.